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Vop allows you to import your TikTok videos and social content into your ecommerce store. You can tag your products and embed the content directly onto a page so customers can shop your social feeds. By embedding videos and images on your site, customers can easily find products that they have seen across your social channels. It can also act as social proof.

Yes, sign up here to try it out.

Vop works by importing your social content (videos and images) into a dashboard where you can manage your content. You can approve/reject and add any product links to the videos or images and then embed them onto your site.

No, you can use affiliate links too.

While we do have an integration with Shopify, we are actually universal and can power your social content on any platform. Sign up to see how.

We do! You can install our Shopify app here.

We are always here to help! Feel free to email hello@getvop.com

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